Gray the Candidate

Gray launches his re-election campaign at a time when water has become significant news in California, especially in our region. Southern California and Bay Area interests with money and political clout have targeted Northern California’s water supplies.

As your representative, he’s working to ensure our water rights are protected. If not, it could be a re-play of the Owens Valley tragedy of the early 1900s when Los Angeles diverted the Owens River from that valley to fuel Los Angeles-area growth. Once lush Owens Valley turned into a dust bowl practically overnight.

PCWA has been leading the fight to stop or drastically alter the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) that calls for twin tunnels under the Delta to divert more water from this area to the south. If enacted, the BDCP would drain Folsom and Shasta reservoirs to unacceptably low levels. We have formed a coalition of Northern California water agencies to fight this plan. We have been and will continue to be a strong advocate for all of Placer County’s water resources.

If you are interested in endorsing Gray’s candidacy, please print and complete this form.